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NUSTAR Seminar

Dr. Jürgen Gerl, GSI, "Towards NUSTAR at FAIR", Theory Seminar Room, SB3 3.170a, 11:00 am

Jürgen Gerl, Technical Coordinator, NUSTAR

In the last few years the NUSTAR experiment collaborations developed a large variety of novel instrumenation for the experimental programme at the Super-FRS at FAIR. For many components the production has started, others are available as prototypes. For MATS, LASPEC and HISPEC first implementations of their set-ups are already available for experiments at GSI and other laboratories. All together NUSTAR is well advanced and will be ready for data taking as soon as the Super-FRS is operational and the LEB building becomes available. In this contribution status and perspectives of the NUSTAR experiments will be reported.

The talk can be downloaded [here].



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