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NUSTAR Seminar

Dr. F.P. Heßberger, "Nuclear Structure of the Heaviest Elements – Investigated at SHIP - GSI", Theory Seminar Room, 11:00 am, GSI

Besides synthesizing new elements understanding the nuclear structure of heaviest nuclei is presently the main challenge of experimental and theoretical investigations concerning the field of Superheavy Elements (SHE).

At GSI Darmstadt an extensive program on nuclear structure investigations by means of α-γ – or α - CE spectroscopy of nuclei collected in the focal plane of the velocity filter SHIP has been started about a decade ago. The project covered both: systematic investigations of single particle levels populated by α-decay in odd-mass isotopes as well as investigation of two- or four-quasi-particle states forming K isomers. In addition, first results on nuclear structure from EC decay using K X-ray – γ – and γ – γ – coincidence measurements were obtained.

The studies were supplemented by firect mass measurements at SHIPTRAP and investigation of spontaneous fission properties.

Results obtained in the element region Z = 99 to Z = 110 and also their relevance for the spontaneous fission process and expected properties of SHE at Z > 112 will be presented and discussed within theoretical frameworks.

The talk can be downloaded here.




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