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NUSTAR Seminar

NUSTAR Seminar: Dr. Yuri Litvinov, GSI Darmstadt, "Masses and half-lives of exotic nuclei addressed with storage rings", Theory Seminar Room, 11:00 am, GSI.


Storage rings offer unparalleled experimental opportunities for physics research with exotic nuclei. One well known example is the measurement of ground state masses, which indeed are indispensable quantities in nuclear structure as well as in nuclear astrophysics. The masses of stored ions can accurately be determined by measuring their revolution frequencies in the ring. Presently, there are two storage ring facilities conducting research with stored radionuclides. These facilities are ESR at GSI in Darmstadt and CSRe at IMP in Lanzhou. Both facilities are capable of producing highly-charged ions. Time-resolved observations of intensities of stored highly-charged ions provide information on their decay characteristics. Mass and lifetime measurements at these facilities will be the main emphasis of the lecture. Furthermore, an outlook will be given, which will include the plans for future storage ring facilities as well as other in-ring nuclear-physics related experiments.



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