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NUSTAR Seminar

NUSTAR Seminar: Dr. Alfredo Estrade, GSI Darmstadt and Saint Mary's University (Halifax, Canada), "Study of proton distribution on neutron-rich boron isotopes through charge-changing cross section measurements", Theory Seminar Room, 11:00 am, GSI


The measurement of charge-changing cross sections is a sensitive technique to determine the proton radii of very unstable isotopes. The charge radius is a basic ground state property of atomic nuclei, which provides information about their underlying nuclear structure. Of particular interest are halo nuclei, where recent measurements have shown significant changes of the charge radius due to the development of neutron halos (for example, in laser spectroscopy measurements on 11Be and 11Li).  Measurements of proton distributions also provide sensitive tests for ab-initio nuclear models, such as antisymmetrized molecular dynamics calculations, and possibly new developments in no-core shell model and models based on effective field theory. We have recently performed the measurement of charge-changing cross sections in p,sd-shell nuclei at the FRS fragment separator at GSI at a beam energy around 900 MeV/u. The measured cross sections will be used to extract proton radii through Glauber model analysis of the reaction. In this talk I will discuss the details of the experimental setup and present preliminary results for the neutron-rich boron isotopes.



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