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NUSTAR Seminar

NUSTAR Seminar: Dr. Haik Simon, Kernreaktionen, GSI, "Stepping stones across the dripline", Theory Seminar Room, 11:00 am, GSI

Dr. Haik Simon

In my presentation I would like to focus on the very exotic  13Li nucleus, its subsystems, and the associated stepping stone 14Be being studied by particular breakup reactions. I would like to present selected examples to illustrate the validity and range of the used methods and will put a focus on the reaction mechanism, allowing to tailor the properties of the populated unbound extremely neutron rich systems. Ambiguities in the interpretation of different data sets will be presented and discussed.

I would like to show future prospects for reaction studies in the R³B setup at FAIR and show examples of prototype developments and its applications in the current R³B/Cave-C e.g. for neutron-rich oxygen isotopes.


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