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NUSTAR Seminar

Dr. Artur Echler, University of Giessen and GSI, "Application of Calorimetric Low Temperature Detectors for Stopping Power Measurements and Direct E-ToF Mass Determination of Heavy Ions", Theory Seminar Room, SB3 3.170a, 11 am

Precise data on stopping powers (dE/dx) of heavy ions in matter are needed in many fields of basic and applied science. Using the E-ToF method, calorimetric low temperature detectors (CLTDs) have been applied to determine precise stopping powers of 0.05 – 1.4 MeV/u 238U- and 131Xe-ions in carbon, nickel and gold. The advantages of CLTDs concerning energy resolution and energy linearity, as compared to conventional ionization detectors, have been used to increase sensitivity, reduce systematic errors and extend the accessible energy range towards lower energies. Moreover the coincident E-ToF measurements allowed to investigate the resolution of the detector system for direct in-flight mass determination of low energy heavy ions. Due to the excellent energy resolution of CLTDs, mass resolutions down to ∆m(FWHM) = 1.3 u could be obtained for 0.1 – 0.6 MeV/u238U-ions.



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