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NUSTAR Seminar

Antonio Di Nitto, GSI Darmstadt, "Study of fission dynamics in the systems of intermediate fissility: 132Ce and 158Er", Theory Seminar Room, SB3 3.170a, 11:00 am

Systems of intermediate fissility are characterized by an evaporation residues cross section comparable or larger than the fission one, and by a relatively higher probability for charged particle emission. In a theoretical framework in which the fission process rely on the Statistical model calculations, the analysis of particle emission in the evaporation channel is the source of additional constraints on models. I will focus on statistical and dynamical analysis of a more complete set of data from the systems 32S+100Mo at ELab  =  200 MeV and  32S+126Te at ELab  =  180 MeV. The Statistical model fails in reproducing the whole set of data. In particular, while prescission multiplicities can be reproduced without delay, the model strongly overestimates proton and alpha particle multiplicities in the evaporation channel irrespective of the input parameters and prescriptions used for the level density and the transmission coefficients. The analysis of the same set of data with a 3dimensional Langevin dynamical model produces a very good agreement with the full set of data and indicates that onebody dissipation plays a dominant role in the fission process.



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