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NUSTAR Seminar

Christoph Caesar, GSI Darmstadt, "Beyond the Neutron Dripline: The Unbound Oxygen Isotopes 25-O and 26-O", Theory Seminar Room, SB3 3.170a, 11:00 am

The very neutron-rich oxygen isotopes 25O and 26O are investigated experimentally and theoretically. In this first R3B-LAND experiment, the unbound states are populated at GSI via proton-knockout reactions from 26F and 27F at relativistic energies around 450 MeV/nucleon. From the kinematically complete measurement of the decay into 24O plus one or two neutrons, the 25O ground-state energy and lifetime are determined, and upper limits for the 26O ground state are extracted. In addition, the results provide evidence for an excited state in 26O at around 4 MeV. The experimental findings are compared to theoretical shell-model calculations based on chiral two- and three-nucleon (3N) forces, including for the first time residual 3N forces, which are shown to be amplified as valence neutrons are added.

The talk can be downloaded here.



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