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DREB 2014

The 8th International Workshop on "Direct Reactions with Exotic Beams - DREB2014" will be held in Darmstadt, Germany from June 30th to July 4th.


This meeting, which is being jointly organized by the Technical University Darmstadt and GSI, will be the latest in the series which began in 1999 at the initiative of physicists working in the field from NSCL-MSU, IPN-Orsay and FSU. Previous meetings were hosted by NSCL-MSU (1999 & 2005), IPN-Orsay (2001), University of Surrey (2003), RIKEN (2007), FSU (2009), and Pisa (2012). The workshop focuses on the experimental, theoretical and instrumental aspects of direct reactions with radioactive beams.


For futher information see here.



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