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The experiments that use an outsanding seperaion power and ion-optical resolution combined with high-energy beams from SIS-100 are listed here. Many of these experiements will start already in FAIR phase-0 at the FRS. They not only provide new information in the nuclear chart, but also show the perspective for many other NUSTAR experiments at the Super-FRS. The different science topics are given in the following:

Topic 1: Search for new isotopes

Topic 2: Atomic Collisions

Topic 3: Spectroscopy of meson-nucleus bound system “mesonic atoms"

Topic 4: Exotic hypernuclei and their properties

Topic 5: Importance of tensor forces in nuclear structure

Topic 6: Delta resonances probing nuclear structure

Topic 7: Nuclear radii and momentum distributions

Topic 8: Radioactive in-flight decays and continuum spectroscopy by particle emission

Topic 9: Low-q experiments with an active target

Topic 10: Nuclear reaction studies and synthesis of isotopes with low-energy RIBs

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