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New CBM associate members

Groups from KEK, Japan, and TUM, Germany, join CBM as associate members.

During the 33rd CBM Collaboration Meeting, held in April, 2019 at GSI, a group from the KEK national institute for nuclear and particle physics in Tsukuba, Japan, has been approved as associate CBM member. The team around Profs. Kyoichiro Ozawa and Kazuya Aoki conducts its current main activities at J-PARC, the Japan Proton Accelerator Complex in Tokai, on measurements of vector meson mass spectra in proton-nucleus collisions. The interest in CBM nucleates on the application of detector technology at J-PARC as developed for the CBM Silicon Tracking System, includes participation in the STS project, and extends on a longer perspective to di-lepton measurements in high-density matter.


At the same meeting the group of Dr. Ante Bilandzic currently located at the Technical University Munich, Germany, was approved as associate member in CBM. Dr. Bilandzic holds an ERC Starting Grant and is working on multi-particle correlation techniques to study anisotropic flow phenomena. While his focus has been on LHC data so far, Dr. Bilandzic got attracted by the unique possibilities of CBM in the baryon – rich regime of the QCD phase diagram and plans to contribute with his data analysis package to the physics program of CBM.

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