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WP7 - Accelerator Coordination

Work package leader: Dr. D. Krämer


A considerable fraction of the accelerator will be designed, developed, and built by institutions from across the FAIR partner countries. Today, it is not yet finalized which partner will take over which technical work package (as defined in the Work Package Breakdown Structure WBS in the FAIR Baseline Technical Report and the FAIR cost book). The JCT and especially the head of FAIR accelerators have to identify these partners.

During the preparatory phase for FAIR ("phase one") it is mandatory to set up a complete quality assurance plan and to implement the necessary processes and procedures to ensure a successful completion of the FAIR project. During the execution phase ("phase two") of FAIR up to the implementation of the project, the main objective of the personnel in the FAIR GmbH is to coordinate and monitor the contributions and work packages taken over by FAIR partners, as well as the technical follow-ups of contracts.

The machine advisory committee and its technical expert groups as well as the In-Kind Advisory Board (IKAB) will be supported organisationally.

Accompanying measures such as industry fairs will be organised on a regularly basis. At those events the industrial companies and medium-sized enterprises will be informed about the opportunities at FAIR.

The planning and steering of the civil construction process will be governed by the FAIR-Technical Division (FAIR-CC) at GSI. Thus a liaison person will be needed to coordinate the proper information flow between GSI's FAIR-CC division and FAIR GmbH.

Hence the following tasks will be covered within the present Work Package:

  • Planning and preparation of specifications for the FAIR accelerator components and civil construction
  • Planning and preparation of a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
  • Implementation of a document management system based on CERN-EDMS
  • Coordination, preparation, and set-up of a "FAIR Integration Platform" to assure the conformity of all components across the Consortium
  • Preparation and implementation of a project schedule for the accelerator and civil construction division
  • Development and set-up of controlling mechanisms to monitor the overall time lines
  • Development and set-up of a quality assurance system
  • Organisational support for the future Machine Advisory Committee (MAC) and technical expert group meetings, as well as for FAIR industry forums


Task 7.1: Set up and supervision of master schedule

The master schedule for accelerator an civil construction will be set up and operated within a Microsoft Project Server (MSPS) environment. Technical assistance for continuous data input and follow-up will be provided once the schedule is set up fully.

GSI will contribute to this task


Task 7.2: Coordination of Accelerator Sub-Projects

In this task FAIR Joint Core Team will coordinate all accelerator subprojects. The final goal is to optimize and finally freeze the technical specifications of all prototypes and accelerator systems. The Accelerator Technical Design Reports (TDR), prepared within the duration of this EU project for many sub-systems, will be compiled within this task.

The following participants will contribute to this task: GSI, FZJ, UU and INFN, VECC, ITEP (contribution still has to be defined). In addition many additional accelerator laboratories worldwide, not participating in this EU contract, contribute to this task as well.


Task 7.3: Preparation and implementation of QAP; Definition of requirements for the FAIR Integration Platform

To guarantee a successful and timely completion of the facility, the QAP will be set up and processes to accomplish the defined goals have to be implemented. With the project established the QAP will be carefully supervised and enforced. This process will be carried out in close collaboration with all technical divisions, especially with the GSI groups and the experts in the FAIR partner countries. As many parts will be provided as in-kind, the overall functionality and operation of the accelerator must be carefully planned already during the construction process. Therefore a FAIR Integration Platform will be implemented at GSI. This implementation and constant customisation will be coordinated within the FAIR Joint Core Team and, later, FAIR GmbH.

The following participants will contribute to this task: GSI


Task 7.4: Set-up of CERN-EDMS and technical follow-up

All specifications and related documents for the FAIR project will have to be collected, reviewed and approved within CERN-EDMS to become an official FAIR document, thus ensuring that all FAIR partner countries have equal access to all project specifications and platforms. The entire FAIR WBS will be implemented within EDMS. Roles, rules, and rights of all users as well as approval strategies for the different types of documents will be defined. Within this task a nomenclature for FAIR drawings, documents, and components will be worked out and refined. After setting up EDMS, a first level user support at within FAIR Joint Core Team will be established. Especially for the key accelerator components that come in great quantities, such as the magnets, a tailored project follow-up workflow will be established.

The following participants will contribute to this task: GSI


Task 7.5: Organisational aspects

From the beginning of the FAIR project the definition and the progress of the FAIR accelerator development has been monitored by an international Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and its Page 33 of 53 FAIR preparatory phase EU contract 211382 sub working groups (miniTACs). With its last meeting in June 2007 the TAC will be officially terminated, to make room for the formation of a new MAC. The office of the FAIR Technical Director, or Head of Accelerator will support this committee organisationally, respectively. The FAIR Industry Forum series will also be organised and managed within this task.

The following participants will contribute to this task: GSI



  • D7.1: Accelerator Technical Design Reports (TDR) for dedecated sub-systems
    month 24
  • D7.2: Report on definition of full set of rules, roles and rights for the users of the MSPS
    month 40
  • D7.3: Report on adoption of master schedule due to finalization of civil construction planning
    month 24
  • D7.4: Quality Assurance Plan
    month 16
  • D7.5: Functional specifications for main accelerator components (incl. Super-FRS)
    month 17
  • D7.6: Report on functional specifications for accelerator components
    month 41
  • D7.7: FAIR Integration Platform Report
    month 48
  • D7.8: Report on rules, roles and rights for the users of the EDMS and approval strategies for the document types
    month 10
  • D7.9: Machine Advisory Committee TDR review for FAIR modularised start version
    month 36



  • M7.2: FAIR Integration Platform up and operational
    month 18
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