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WP4 - Governance

Work package leader: Prof. Dr. G. Rosner


The foremost objective of this work package is the definition of the shareholders of FAIR GmbH in all the Signatory States of the FAIR Convention. In addition, in this work package, all legal documents – prepared within the framework of the relevant FAIR committees – which are elaborated within Work Package 2 / "Legal Issues" will be signed by the future FAIR Member States. Most importantly the FAIR Final Act will be put into force within this work package. Support will be provided to the FAIR Member States through liaison and outreach and to FAIR Council.


Task 4.1: Governance-Committee Support

Within this task the FAIR governance-committees (International Steering Committee / ISC, Administrative and Financial Issues / AFI, Scientific and Technical Issues / STI) will be supported in their work by providing reports, analyses, presentations and services. Committee meetings will be organised. Once FAIR GmbH is incorporated these committees will transform ad hoc into the governance bodies of FAIR GmbH, consisting of the FAIR Council and its advisory committees. FAIR Joint Core Team will support and facilitate this process.
All participants are involved in this task.


Task 4.2: Shareholders

FAIR GmbH will be incorporated as a German GmbH ("Limited Liability Company"). German law foresees a "shareholders' assembly" as the governing body of any GmbH. In the case of FAIR GmbH this body will be the "Council". In the FAIR Council all FAIR Shareholders will be represented. While the formal shareholders have already been defined for some countries this issue has not yet been decided in a majority of the signatories of the FAIR Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The nomination of the shareholders is essential for the timely processing of the formal incorporation of FAIR GmbH. The Ministries and / or funding agencies in each country will have to decide which entity will be nominated as shareholder. In some cases even national structures will have to be adapted to nominate shareholders in a foreign company.


Task 4.3: Joint Signature / Final Act

The FAIR Convention will be signed by the governments of the FAIR Member States as soon as all legal and financial preparations have been finalised. Subsequently the ratification process will start which involves the parliaments of the FAIR Member States. In this task, constituting the major threshold for the incorporation of FAIR GmbH, the FAIR Convention will be signed.
All ministries and funding agencies of the Consortium will be involved.


Task 4.4: Liaison

This task comprises all liaison activities (administrative, organisational, legal, and official) to the signatory countries of the FAIR MoU, and to the FAIR Member States once FAIR GmbH has been incorporated, such that every country is provided with an official point of contact.


Task 4.5: FAIR satellite centres

In order to transmit the cross-fertilising spirit of a large-scale laboratory like FAIR into the FAIR Member States beyond the off-site in-kind production sites, and with additional funding from the Helmholtz Association, FAIR satellite centres will be established in Kolkata, India, and in Moscow, Russia. These centres will be hosted by ITEP (FAIR Russia Research Centre / FRRC) and VECC (Indo-FAIR Research Centre / IFRC) and they shall locally provide a strong structuring effect, rendering the off-site in-kind production of key accelerator components more efficient through easier communication and coordination, creating synergies. The funding of the FAIR Russia Research Centre is already secured by funds of ROSATOM and the Helmholtz Association of Germany. EC funding for VECC, Kolkata of 70,000 € for the preparation of the start-up of the Indo-FAIR Research Centre is forseen in this task. The money at VECC will be used for personnel and meetings.
Participating institutions: GSI, VECC, ITEP



  • D4.1: List of shareholders of FAIR GmbH
    month 48
  • D4.2: Signed copy of Final Act
    month 48
  • D4.3: Articles of Association of the FAIR satellite centre in Russia
    month 8



  • M4.1: Decision to formally set up FAIR GmbH
    month: 12
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