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WP3 - Financing and In-kind Management

Work package leader: Dr. F. Weissbach


The key objective of this work package is to fix the FAIR partner countries' contributions to both the construction of FAIR and to the first ten years of operation of the facility. Moreover the general financial planning for FAIR is covered by this work package.

The in-kind contribution model constitutes one of the project's major advantages and challenges. But it also demands an efficient management providing horizontal coordination and advice to all participating research institutes, industry consortia, and funding agencies across the FAIR Member States and partners. In the frame work of this work package the financial management including the international in-kind management will be developed.


Task 3.1: Quantification of the Shares of the FAIR Member States

The contributions from the Member States (both cash and in-kind) to the construction and to the operation of FAIR need to be fixed. The contributions determine the number of shares, each FAIR shareholder will possess. Together with all parties involved, the Consortium will push forward the financial negotiations, possibly by means of an international summit of all FAIR Member States or by elaborating a firm roadmap for this process.
All participants are involved in this task.


Task 3.2: Financial Planning for FAIR GmbH

FAIR Joint Core Team needs to establish solid financial planning for FAIR GmbH for the construction phase, the commissioning, as well as for the first ten years of operation. Different scenarios will be evaluated and quantified. This includes a financial management system covering all legal and operative requirements. A financial and controlling software system will be implemented.
GSI is involved in this task.


Task 3.3: Project Funding, Loans

FAIR Joint Core Team will also help the experiment collaborations in raising funds from third parties in order to ensure the complete funding of the FAIR experiments. Upon a concise analysis of the mid and long-term financial planning of FAIR (see task 2) FAIR Joint Core Team will explore the opportunities and down-sides of financial engineering including loans for different scenarios. Depending on the outcome of the analysis and the positions taken by the future FAIR shareholders FAIR Joint Core Team will discuss all options under the Risk Sharing Finance Facility (RSFF) to leverage possible loan investments from the European Investment Bank (EIB). Moreover FAIR Joint Core Team will discuss with the European Commission / DG Regio possible funding for some of the future FAIR Member States to the benefit of the FAIR experiments.
All participants are involved in this task.


Task 3.4: In-Kind Contributions

Contributions to FAIR from the Member States can be made both cash and in-kind. The latter option enables FAIR Member States to involve local research communities and industries in the project. This in-kind model is one of the strongest assets of the FAIR project. This task addresses the entrepreneurial aspects of the in-kind management and the remaining legal issues. (Technical aspects of the in-kind model are covered by Work Package 7 / "coordination accelerator".) The participants will finalise all legal documents covering in-kind contributions; and pro-active horizontal coordination will be provided to all institutions and consortia involved in FAIR in-kind contributions.
All participants are involved in this task.



  • D3.1: List of shares of FAIR GmbH
    month 48
  • D3.2: Mid and long-term financial planning for FAIR GmbH
    month 24
  • D3.3: First list of in-kind contributions
    month 36



  • M3.1: Decision on guaranty from EIB
    month 12
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