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APPA Documents

Approved Technical Design Reports (TDRs)

Technical Report for the Design, Construction and Commissioning of a Target Chamber for Ion Beam Driven Interaction Experiments. English, July 2017, 63 pages.


          download as .pdf  (2 MB)

Technical Design Report: Experimental Instrumentation of CRYRING@ESR. English, 96 pages.


          download as .pdf (12 MB)

maXs - Cryogenic Micro-Calorimeter Arrays for High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy Experiments at FAIR - Technical Design Report. English, 31 pages.


          download as .pdf  (5,4 MB)

Technical Report for the Design, Construction and Commissioning of the SiM-X Project: Silicon Microcalorimeters for high-precision X-ray spectroscopy. English, 19 pages.


          download as .pdf  (1.2MB)

Technical Design Report: The SPECTRAP Experiment. English, March 2015, 12 pages.


          download as .pdf  (1MB)

Technical Report: Design of the Target@HESR. English, approved April 2014, 40 pages.

          download as .pdf  (22MB)

CRYRING@ESR: A study group report. English, approved November 2012, 50 pages.


          download as .pdf  (4MB)

LSR - Low-energy Storage Ring: Technical Design Report, Version 1.3. English, approved November 2012, 132 pages.


          download as .pdf  (10MB)

TDR Preparation

Please note the Guidelines for Drafting TDRs at FAIR

Further documents

FAIR - Baseline Technical Report, Volume 5, Experiment Proposals on Atomic, Plasma and Applied Physics (APPA). English, March 2006, 584 pages.


          download as .pdf (25,6 MB)


See also the FAIR publications index for a general overview.

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