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FAIR Partner Countries

The FAIR accelerator centre to be built in Darmstadt is one of the largest projects for basic research in physics worldwide. Roughly 3,000 scientists from more than 50 countries are already working on the planning of the experiment and accelerator facilities. A large-scale project like FAIR can only be realized by intense international cooperation. Considerable advantages are cost reduction and the enlargement of know-how and scientists available for FAIR.

Right from the beginning in the year 1999 the FAIR project has been a cooperation of various international research and technical institutes. They mutually worked out first drafts of accelerator designs and experimental installations which have constantly been optimized. Several publications have been released.

On 4th October the contracting parties signed an international agreement that also established FAIR GmbH, to which they transfer responsibility for the construction and operation of the FAIR particle accelerator. Through their shareholders, the contracting parties will provide technical and scientific expertise and make financial contributions and constructions in kind to the project.

Get a general idea of the FAIR partner countries and their involved institutes: choose a specific country (left side).

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