Sunset view from the road leading to GSI/FAIR

The photo from Yesterday posted by our researcher Meetika Narang in FRS group who took a blissful evening after thunderstorms and heavy rain in Nord Darmstadt. Meetika apart from taking beautiful photos like this one is actually involved in her Sandwich PhD Programme at GSI.

Photo courtesy: Meetika Narang.

FAIRplay with GET_INvolved students

Basketball never stops the Fairplay.

Excellent game of basketball together with our researchers and students from campus Darmstadt.
Can you dodge or dribble better than our PhDs and postdocs ?
Join us each Thursday at Basketball session afterwork!
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Turkish postdoctoral researcher joins GET_INvolved

Each doctoral thesis is an integral part of the mega-science project. They are an essential part of the planned experiments at FAIR/GSI.

Güler is a Doctoral researcher from Istanbul, Turkey. Her research focus brought her to get in touch with our Gamma Spectroscopy department, and she is continuing her doctoral research at GSI together with her Home institute supervisor Dr. Tugba ARICI

Funding for Güler was a national funding scheme from TÜBÍTAK Turkey and later supplemented with a fellowship from GET_INvolved Sandwich PhD Programme GSI/FAIR

Photo shows a short glimpse of the journey of Güler within the programme and her active participation in the FAIR phase 0 experiment campaign 2021/2022. Copyrights: Güler A and Pradeep G

Is your doctoral research focused on one of the topics at FAIR! Then you are eligible for GET_INvolved Programme (Sandwich PhD) -> #applynow

ERASMUS+ Trainee joins International office

Elena from University of Almeria, Spain joins Intenrational office department for her Traineeship focussed on contract lifecycle management.


Programme Coordinator:

Dr. Pradeep Ghosh
and international(at)
Phone: +49 (0) 6159 71 3257